use cedar xdeddddddddddddddddd 😂

This is Cedar. Immediately upon entering the site, you'll notice one thing:

It sucks ass. (pun intended)

Cedar as a whole

Let's start from the beginning. The original Cedar was conceived by Eric during the early Miiverse clone days of Grape. Eric created it as a rival to Grape or to show off his skillz or something, I don't know. However, it sucked. Hard. Right down to the system of logging in and posting, it was flawed.

Nobody used this site unironically. Cedar was pretty much destined to fail.

Long story short..

Multiple other Cedars were later made, and they were all terrible. One of them didn't even work. Later on, Eric and Seth teamed up to create the most recent iterations of Cedar, including the one we know today. Although it seems like Eric has been less involved with it recently.. 🤔

shut up

In conclusion, Cedar has been (and always will be) absolute shit. Cedar has become a literal joke and spawned the "use Cedar" meme. Don't use Cedar.